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I am delighted to extend an unprecedented welcome to our valued students at Kingston group of colleges which is offering face to face quality teacher education that is the need of an hour. I wish you success in your educational endeavours as you seek new and useful knowledge and develop your professional skills in an ethical manner to build a better future for yourself and nation. I believe that every student has a requisite potential and my aim is to see that this potential is realized and fulfilled. Such a committed learner-centered approach to education means that we have a happy and purposeful community that strives for excellence in all academic activities. We are all proud of our achievements. And we can assure you that if you choose to achieve academic qualifications with us here, your time will be stimulating rather rewarding and you will develop understanding, reasoning, originality and creativity in your personality.
I wish every brilliant success in the future education under an umbrella of Kingston Group of Colleges.

Kingston Group of Colleges.

Principal's Message

 It is the matter of great pleasure and pride for me to welcome our new students. The college is relentlessly striving in the pursuance of academic excellence and encourages the students to participate spontaneously in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This conducive ambience fosters creativity, intensity, fortitude and leadership qualities among students for development of versatile personality. The college is emblem of excellent infrastructural facilities, which create conductive environment for overall development of students. We are persistently trying to kindle young minds with lofty ideas accountability virtuousness, up-righteousness, curiosity and moral social as well as ethical codes. With applications of knowledge and inculcation of values, the students are empowered with the skill of converting challenges into opportunities. The college has diligently and perpetually practiced utilitarianism of determination, dedication and discipline as key to dazzling success in academic, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. I would like to gratefully acknowledge the hard work and efforts of the Coordinators and all the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff members who have worked tirelessly with passion and commitment which has helped us to realize our goals. My colleagues and I would be delighted to meet you and support you in making your choice of career.

Kingston Group of Colleges.